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Have you had a Shaklee Personal Web Site for years, but never really put it to work?

Your Shaklee Personal Web Site may be the most effective (and easiest) way to get an online presence. It's always been a good way for your new customers to order from you 24-hours a day, and a great resource for them to learn specifics about our products. However, most of us don't use our PWS effectively. That's what this webinar is all about!

How to MAXIMIZE your marketing by using something you probably already have, your Shaklee Personal Web Site.

Would you like to take advantage of your PWS?

Shaklee Personal Web Sites offer tabs (also known as landing pages) that allow you to customize the look and feel of your message to new & potential customers. They are a much better destination for your prospects because you can share information about yourself, plus videos and more information about the products BEFORE they go to the regular catalog.

Here's what you'll learn. . .

Week 1 - Starting out right!

We'll cover the basics of setting up your PWS and adding images.

  • Creating & naming your PWS.
  • How to find images & videos to add.
  • Ideas for custom pages you can add.
  • Creating your first custom page.
  • Adding your first pre-designed page - choose either "Get Clean" - "Vivix" - or "Shaklee Life" (you'll get all three)

Week 2 - Adding images, editing & promoting your PWS!

  • How to add images & videos to your site.
  • Editing tips to make your pages look great.
  • Creating a custom domain name for your PWS.
  • Promoting your PWS on Social Media - what to do & what not to do.

Week 3 - PWS Workshop!

Week 3 will be devoted to covering anything you had issues with in weeks 1 and 2, and will also be a Q & A workshop. For those of you who register before 4/20, your name will be placed in a drawing and we'll select 10 students for a custom review of your PWS during the workshop.


What you get with your class:

  • Three 60 minute live sessions, with questions and answers at the end.
  • A copy of the powerpoint for each week's session.
  • Special tutorials on specific skills.
  • PLUS FOUR CUSTOM DESIGNED TABS: YOUTH, Get Clean, Vivix, Shaklee Life.
  • Every class is archived, so you can watch it again, or catch any you may have missed.


Investing in our 3-week course is something that will you pay dividends time and time again. You'll learn exactly how to attract new business builders and consumers into your group. Participants receive three 60-minute training sessions, over three weeks. You'll have a chance to ask questions and participate in each online session.

If you are unable to make the scheduled time, you'll receive access to an archive to watch the training at your convenience!

Starting April 24th or 25th (your choice):

Tuesday EVENINGS: April 24, May 1 & 8
We will be live from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM - Eastern Daylight Time on April 24, May 1 & 8
8:00 PM Eastern is 7:00 PM Central, 6:00 PM Mountain and 5:00 PM Pacific.

Wednesday MORNINGS: April 25, May 2 & 9
We will be live from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM - Eastern Daylight Time on April 25, May 2 & 9
11:00 AM Eastern is 10 AM Central, 9:00 AM Mountain and 8:00 AM Pacific.

In addition, all participants will receive access to our special archive with recordings from each session & tutorials.

Too busy right now?

You'll also receive a special link to an archived version which will be available for 12-months after the session. This archive contains each week's class, PLUS special tutorials. Register now and learn it later from the archive!


If you're not 100% satisfied that you've received the information you need to maximize your PWS marketing, we'll cheerfully refund your money. It's that simple!


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